Where To Submit?

Education Divisions of T.E.C.O.
in North America

Thank you for your interest in applying for the Taiwan Scholarship or Ministry of Education Huayu Enrichment Scholarship (HES). To learn more about the application guidelines or where to submit your application, please choose your designated office according to your residence on the following map, you will be directed to the office’s website.

Here is the full list of all Education Divisions of
Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in the North America

Education Divisions of T.E.C.O. 

Education Division Taipei Economic Cultural Office in Canada
Service Area: Canada

Education Division Taipei Economic Cultural Office, Vancouver
Service Area: Western Canada (including British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Yukon, North West Territories, and Nunavut).

Education Division TECRO in the United States
Service Area: Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Washington, D.C., Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, Bermuda Island, Delaware.

Education Division TECO in Boston
Service Area: Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont.

Education Division TECO in New York
Service Area: Connecticut, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania.

Education Division TECO in Chicago
Service Area: Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, Wisconsin, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota.

Education Division TECO in Houston
Service Area: Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Texas, Colorado, Kansas, Missouri.

Education Division TECO in Los Angeles
Service Area: California (South), Arizona, New Mexico, Hawaii, Caroline Islands, Guam, Marshall Islands, Mariana Islands, American Samoa, and the United Mexican States.

Education Division TECO in San Francisco
Service Area: California (North), Nevada, Utah, Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington, Wyoming. 

Education Division of
Taipei Economic and Cultural Office

in Los Angeles

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