Additional Important Information

Additional Important Information

● Suspension 

1. Attendance Records: If a recipient is absent from his/her required language sessions for up to 12 hours within a single month, the award will be suspended for 1 month and the stipend cannot be reclaimed.

2. Academic Performance: Beginning from the first term/quarter of his/her study in Taiwan, if a recipient's overall academic average scores for a study term/quarter are less than 80 out of 100, the award will be suspended for 1 month and the stipend cannot be reclaimed.

3. For recipients whose award periods are 9 months or longer, if she/he did not submit a qualified copy of the test score report or certificate for the “Test of Chinese as a Foreign Language” (TOCFL) (Basic/Level 3 or above and must take within 2 years) during the application for the scholarship, then the recipient must submit a copy of the TOCFL test score report or certificate (Basic level/ Level 3 or above) to the institutions where she/he is studying. Deadline for submission of the test score report or certificate is 1 month before the due date of their award period. Recipients who fail to do so will lose 1 month’s stipend. TOCFL registration fee is the full responsibility of the recipient.

● Revocation  

A recipient will be permanently disqualified from receiving a HES and the remaining stipends will be cancelled, if one of the following situations arises:

1. Failure to achieve an average academic score of 80 or above out of 100 for two consecutive terms/quarters of study.

2. Missing a final achievement score for any study term/quarter, with the exception of serious illness or accident.

3. The recipient will not continue to receive the scholarship if he/she violates R.O.C. laws.

4. The scholarship will be suspended or revoked if the recipient violated University or Mandarin Language Center regulations.

● Transfer of Institutions 

After the study term/quarter, recipients of 12 months scholarship can request a one-time only transfer to another Mandarin Language Center with permission of the original Mandarin Language Center. Recipients of the summer class, 3 months, 6 months or 9 months scholarship are not eligible to apply for a transfer.

● Course Hours
The recipient should undertake at least 15 hours of language courses each week. This does not include cultural visits, speeches, and other self-learning curriculum or activities.

● Medical/Health Insurance Requirements 

Recipients of a six month or longer scholarship are mandatory by law to join the National Health Insurance Program after four months from the date of your arrival. Before joining, recipients should purchase student accident insurance and other relevant insurance. Insurance fees can be deducted by the Mandarin Language Centers from the monthly stipend before granting to recipients.

● What other privileges are there for recipients?

1. Once your application is approved, you will receive one copy of the Scholarship Certificate Letter issued by TECO for you to keep as an honor. The certificate is also used as a personal financial statement shown to schools and for applying for the visa to enter Taiwan, as well as for obtaining an Alien Resident Certificate (ARC) for legally staying in Taiwan afterwards.

2. Recipients will be invited to attend an orientation organized by their designated TECO office, usually in August, to better understand the living and study environment in Taiwan. It is also a chance to meet and exchange with returning recipients before the new recipients depart for Taiwan.

3. HES recipients who intend to further pursue degree studies at a university or college in Taiwan can follow application procedures specified by the Taiwan Scholarship Program Guidelines. Applicants who are interested in the Taiwan Scholarship can obtain information about the universities/colleges in Taiwan and the latest program guidelines by going to the website of the Ministry of Education of Taiwan, or writing to the designated TECO Office directly for information about requirements and availability of programs. One can also visit the official government website for advice on studying in Taiwan at

4. All scholarship recipients are automatic members of Taiwan Alumni Association in Los Angeles (TAA in LA). The Taiwan Alumni Association Los Angeles Chapter aims to bring individuals together who have previously studied in Taiwan and are now located in the L.A. area or beyond. All those interested in experience-sharing, engaging in dialogue on culture or language, or networking with fellow Taiwan alumni are welcome to participate in this organization.

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