Why Learn Chinese in Taiwan 

Why Learn Chinese in Taiwan

Jon Huntsman, former U.S. Ambassador to China said "Mandarin has become more useful in the world. People who can speak English and Mandarin are more likely to succeed." And where did Mr. Huntsman learn his Mandarin? -- in TAIWAN.

Kevin Rudd, the former Prime Minister of Australia, once declared that "I am committed to making Australia the most Asia-literate country in the collective West," And where did Mr. Rudd study Chinese language and history? -- in TAIWAN.

Scott K. Oelkers, Managing Director of Domino's Pizza in Taiwan and China, said “Our experience in Taiwan has helped us in the area of leadership. We can leverage our management in Taiwan to lead the effort in China.” And where did Mr. Oelkers learn his Mandarin? -- in TAIWAN.

Taiwan has been home to numerous world-renowned Mandarin Chinese language institutions. This is one of the reasons why thousands of international students coming to Taiwan for all levels of language study every year. Students in Taiwan can enjoy the benefits of high-quality teaching and a rich learning environment. In addition, there is much to be gained from experiencing the blend of tradition and modernity found in Taiwanese culture and society.

Taiwan is the only place in the world where traditional Chinese writing (正體字) is widely taught and used. A mastery of traditional Chinese characters provides access to an enormous body of ancient Chinese literature, key to understanding the origins of Chinese culture.

Taiwan is a democratic and liberal country; its political, economic, and societal framework are very similar to those of the western world. Taiwan values free speech and human rights. It is also a deeply traditional Asian country with a fascinating language and culture that are thousands of years old.

Taiwanese people are among the friendliest in the world, and generally maintain agreeable attitudes towards the West and the U.S. Many Taiwanese are able to communicate in English, but also willing to help foreigners with learning Chinese. Taiwan is working hard to create a friendly environment for its international friends. Government offices and public affairs offices have created English and Chinese websites in order to assist individuals with accessing information and services in a more efficient and convenient manner.

This thriving and democratic society also offers a clean and safe living environment with a low crime rate and overall high level of security and comfort.

Taiwanese enjoy a terrific nightlife. Taiwanese shops, restaurants, bars, teahouses, coffee shops, night markets and nightclubs all stay open very late. You can shop, socialize, eat and dance long into the night.

Taiwan is a beautiful subtropical country with beautiful mountains and pristine beaches. The Portuguese called Taiwan "Formosa,” which means “beautiful island," when they resided on Taiwan during the 16th century. Outdoor sports and adventure are available year-round.

Most importantly, more than 30 college or university-affiliated Mandarin Chinese language centers in Taiwan provide high quality instructors and utilize the most modern and practical approach to language learning. Make your learning experience of the difficult Chinese language efficient and worthy.

Taiwan's universities are able to offer affordable tuition rates. Tuition fees for Chinese-learning students in a university affiliated language center in a small group setting may vary from NT$23,000 to NT$11,000 (approx US$ 800 to $370, subject to exchange rate and expected to change every year) for a 12-week course. General expenses per year include books, housing, meals and transportation, insurance, entertainment, etc., and are estimated to be around NT$200,000 to NT$300,000 (equivalent to US$ 6,850 to US$10,000).

With a high standard of teaching, inexpensive tuition rates and affordable cost of living, Taiwan is an ideal place to learn Chinese. 

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